The Chart Cracks Me Up

Obama regs in first 100 days cost 141 times Trump’s, $4B to $28M

President Trump has not only made historic cuts in regulations in his first 100 days, but the costs of his handful of new rules are tiny compared to former President Barack Obama’s, a difference of $3.9 billion, according to a new analysis.

Washington Examiner

Harleys And Hamburgers

Underpinning the countries’ decades-old relationship is power politics: American protection and arms sales in exchange for free-flowing oil and cooperation on security. But often overlooked by outsiders, who mainly know the kingdom for its strict version of Islam, is the American cultural influence that has seeped in over the years.

After the biker rally, thousands of men filled a stadium at the university to watch a car race also timed to coincide with Mr. Trump’s visit. Three food trucks, another American import, did brisk business, selling burritos and hamburgers, and the ceremony opened with the Saudi national anthem and the Star Spangled Banner.

This is amazing and important, please go read the rest.

NY Times

Gold Plated Tap Heels

Donald Trump has his own cheer squad with a solid gold limousine. It’s wonderful. They picked the paint. It’s not gold, but it should be. Seriously, not literally. Wall.

Hillary is crawling around the Scooby van with a bottle of vodka, looking for that damn shoe. Chelsea is trying to make null² = power. Fail. Literally, not seriously. We need someone special…

Pick your poison.

We got a winner here. Hillary/Elizabeth/Chelsea/Whoopi/2020. Embrace reality you stupid hippies.