TSA Pats Down 10-Year-Old Girl

Why? She had a goddamn Capri Sun juice box in her bag! And like every gov’t agency the rules and chain of command are so convoluted nobody will ever have to take responsibility for this insanity. Our gov’t needs to be torn down, we need to start over. Click pic or link for youtube video recorded by her father who had to watch this.

It’s a video that’s causing outrage: a ten-year-old girl being given a through pat down by a TSA agent. The screening lasted nearly two minutes. It happened at the Raleigh Durham International Airport in North Carolina, when 10-year-old Vendela Payne was returning home to San Diego with her dad. He says the pat down was triggered after TSA agents discovered a juice box in her purse. When her dad objected to the pat down, the TSA agent told him, “Guess what? We don’t live in a make-sense world.”


Youtube: 10-Year-Old Girl Upset Over TSA Agent Pat Down: ‘I Felt Like Screaming’


EDIT: I’mĀ calm.