Self-made millionaire Isabella Barrett, 9 Years Old

Does nobody else think this is crazy? Most of the articles that show up in google just fawn over this brilliant businesswoman. You morons, she’s nine, she’s an idiot!

Toddlers & Tiaras obviously paid well and now her mom is using her like a trained dog and that kid is growing up with no guidance or direction. Watch the video if you can, she sounds insane. I do hope she’s financially set for life cuz she’s got quite a bizarre road ahead of her.

Self-made millionaire Isabella Barrett reveals how she made her money – aged just NINE (


Sigh. Think I’ll Have A Beer This Morning

Genderless fashion blurs lines on London catwalks (

“Menswear or womenswear — who cares? Genderless fashion is the buzzword for many of today’s top designers, highlighted at London Fashion Week by a string of androgynous touches on the catwalks.”

Gucci has sent men down the catwalks in pussybows and hot pink suits…

Dove, who calls herself a ‘gender capitalist’…

 “The next big step is to just drop that label of men’s and women’s

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