Domain Names


We’re doomed, the interwebs is becoming Usenet – a wretched hive of scum and villainy that even Obi-Wan is afraid to enter.

There are now 300+ domain extensions available. I thought there were about a dozen.

I got a screenshot of the whole list: 7 inches x 17 feet even after photoshop.

PS: Was that in the email? Crap.

PPS: Thanks Obama.

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Poor Kid

I grabbed this pic off Pinterest as soon as I saw it, it’s not long for this world.

The left is gonna doxx that kid, set his trash on fire, throw bottles of ‘stuff’ at his house, and try to get him arrested and jailed for his racist hyper-masculine mansplaining cisnormative misogyny – feelings are hurt you Nazi!

 Bet he voted Trump.