Book Buddies

Book Buddies is a program where children volunteer to read books to sheltered cats. Cats find the rhythmic sound of a voice very comforting and soothing, children with conditions like autism can improve in their reading.

For years, whenever his mother, Katie, tried to get Colby to read, it usually ended in tears and a tantrum. “He’d get himself so frustrated and upset. He’d cry, ‘I can’t do this, I don’t want to, I’m dumb and I’m stupid.’”

Soon after Colby began reading to the cats, his report card went up two grades.

Feline Supremacist Propaganda


“For me?”
“I’d like you to have it.”
It was a snapshot stolen from her family album: Muriel as a toddler, clambering out of a wading pool.
She meant, he supposed, to give him the best of her. And so she had. But the best of her was not that child’s Shirley Temple hairdo. It was her fierceness as she fought her way toward the camera with her chin set awry and her eyes bright slits of determination. He thanked her. He said he would keep it forever.

Kiddie Pool Memories @ The Spruce



“But it did not all happen in a day, this giving over of himself, body and soul, to the man-animals. He could not immediately forego his wild heritage and his memories of the Wild. There were days when he crept to the edge of the forest and stood and listened to something calling him far and away.”