Zulily Spring


More Palm Fronds

Tropical Bliss at Zulily (unavailable, their sales only last 3.14 seconds)
Why do I like Zulily? Cuz they stick to traditional styles (except for the clown suits) and the kids are just kids, not snotty millionaire brats.
And cuz I was going to try affiliate marketing with them but I’m too lazy. There, I said it.

PETA Got Involved

With PETA’s whining insistence we now have a new federal agency with a $1b budget and 200,000 people dedicated to every tiny detail of safe mermaid tails, ones that actually allow the use of feet. Thank heavens for our federal bureaucracy!

Just kidding. Gotta be careful joking about gov’t waste and overreach – the crazier it sounds the more likely it is to be true.