Odds N Ends

It’s Friday so I’m cleaning the inbox by pouring it into the outbox. That’ll get you fired most places, so I just pretend I’m in Congress.
Dresses, faces, whatever looked interesting.


I feel like I’m posting with a flashlight, with a blanket pulled over my head. Except for the beer, that’s different.

Meika Woollard. As best I can tell, all photos from within the last couple of months. She’s growin’ up good. A smile would be nice on occasion – don’t go with the herd, you have a beautiful smile.


And a little preview of Papilio Kids, curious thing about their site, don’t think I’ve ever this in ‘Sort By’ before. :)

It’s a shame, they’re not very generous with the photography. If I was buying a $700 dress off the internet I’d want more than one or two pics.

And if I was making these amazing dresses I’d want to show ’em off – I’d demand more than one or two pics.