We Shall Fight!

But irrational and emotional decision-making always comes first. No wonder Negan is winning, it doesn’t take him a whole season to find his own butt with a flashlight and a hunting dog. Can of Niagara and a hot iron – psssssst – problems. are. smoothed. out.

It’s Carol time.

JonBenet Ramsey

New documentaries aired this month have taken another look at the unsolved crime, and now former FBI special agent Jim Clemente has spoken out in one programme. He gathered a team of experts to analyse the evidence once again, and they agree upon the identity of the person they think murdered her.
The Mirror

 There are so many theories how would we know the truth if we heard it? The investigation was botched from the beginning.


Rupert Grint delighted Harry Potter fans on Thursday evening by reuniting with his former screen-sister at the launch of his latest show.
The British actor crossed paths with old friend Bonnie Wright following a premier screening of gritty crime-drama Snatch at Arclight Cinema in Los Angeles.