It’s About Time

The label “sell by” on food items has been the cause of major confusion among buyers for a long time, given that no one can tell for certain what the label means.
. . . every manufacturer will now be using only two labels- “use by” and “best if used by”, instead of the other 10 labels used earlier.

Tech Times

And NO – the photo is not from my refrigerator.

Cayla IS NOT Your Friend

In Germany, regulators have determined that the My Friend Cayla doll could be up to no good, given its potential to steal information about children who play with it. And they say that German parents whose children are in possession of a Cayla doll should destroy the toy.

Beware the auto-play video.


We Are Doomed

“Selfie culture has gotten out of control. The personal photo obsession has grown to include such shameful trends as “Selfies at Funerals” and “Selfies with Homeless People,” and who could forget the much talked about selfie at Auschwitz?”

More at Huffington Post: Selfie Culture

And from one of the articles, this video is hilarious…

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