Kids These Days

Kids these days get the coolest toys, we got Pong. And it was way more than $73.

360º movement means you can perform jaw-dropping, gravity-defying flips. The attached HD camera’s live view capability lets you see what the drone sees, monitoring its camera through a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone as it records videos and takes photos. Reaching up to 300 feet, this quadcopter soars through the sky and pushes the limits of fun.

Yellow Airhawk Live Streaming Wi-Fi Drone – Zulily

Wow, Big Day Today

lol, Rocky’s mousy insecure girlfriend was born in ‘Lake Success.” Lisa, another Buddy Holiday. Except for the plane crash, small town Iowa, car crash, and Honduras. The black / white thing and the optical impairments.

Otherwise so close it’s eerie.



The NYTimes pick as top, #1, most cogent, insightful, and thought-provoking comment for their article on James Comey and the election.

There’s hyperbole but then there’s this. The left lives in its own little bubble-wrapped universe, but they have no bearded Spock to figure out their problems and set things straight. They’re doomed.