Damn Fool

Some kind and generous but gullible soul clicked on my Patreon link so now i feel like I gotta earn it, I gotta post something.

But a dollar will only get you so much. Open your wallets people. The internet’s supposed to make you rich, don’t let me down.

Thank you, and I promise to bring you happiness and joy. Once I sober up.

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Ride Rabbit Ride, Upon Your Mystery Sheep

Three wild rabbits managed to escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand by clambering aboard a flock of sheep and surfing to safety on their woolly backs.

Sixty-four-year-old Ferg Horne said he had been farming since he left school at age 15 and had never seen anything quite like it.

“They must’ve jumped up onto their backs to get out of the flood. There was two on one sheep and one on another.¬†They were as happy as can be those rabbits; they were warm and dry, snuggled up.”

The Telegraph