Good Fan, Bad Fan?

My mom says to get a plain one, not a distraction, but I can’t help but look…

MinkaAire F887-96-BN Brushed Nickel 96″ 9 Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan – $779

Eight foot blades. EIGHT FOOT BLADES!

Westinghouse 7814565 White Turbo Swirl 30″ 6 Blade Ceiling Fan – $83

A little more, um, subtle. More light is always good. Only 30 inches – it’s cute!

Fanimation FP580BL-18-S3 Black 52″ 15 Blade 3 Head Ceiling Fan – $7773

Too rich for my blood, but it reads like they’re modular, you can keep adding. And 20 of these in a restaurant, hooked up Rube Goldberg style? Very cool.

Lighting Direct


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