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small K id’s clothes are so interesting! Little boys are easy though: jeans, T-shirt, done! But a little girl has so much more to choose from. I’m no fashion designer but it’s fun to pick apart the offerings; colors and patterns and flourishes. And of course the models and photographers are not above critique.

I have a weakness for pastels, ruffles, denim, and flowergirl / communion dresses – dressing better than the adults! And my philosophy is that to sell kid’s clothes you need a kid. These young models are adorable and have a big impact on the industry (see Kristina Pimenova) and sales, and some become famous doing so. With perfect hair, red if possible! and a genuine smile they can get stuff off the shelves and out the door. And don’t think phone cams are good enough – this ain’t Ebay! The fashion world is big business and it’s reflected in quality, creativity, and imagination. Top notch photography shows.

I’ll post some of the above; beautiful clothes, cute kids, and quality photography. I’ll try to have something new every day. I’ll comment if I have anything worthwhile to say, otherwise, just pretty pictures – and not always on topic. I’m not endorsing or advertising any retailer, brand, or photographer – not unless they pay me! If I mention a name or post a link it’s because I personally like what they do and want to give credit where due.

Also, I have a terrible time staying on-topic so you’re going to find a little of everything here.

I’m open to any suggestions and I’d love to hear from you! Use the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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