People are so cool, creating art where you least expect it.

Old Mini Bikes member Jeep2003 built a custom mini lawnmower with all the flair and painstaking detail work of a restored ’50s lowrider. It’s styled after classic cars from the hand built body to the chrome trim, bullet lights and racist decal. And Jeep2003 shared his process on the internet and the other fans of weird fun motor projects gazed upon it, and they did rejoice.

Core 77

2 thoughts on “Art

  1. Fantastic work! Don’t understand the “racist decal” remark. There is NO racist decal! It’s just a damn Indian head with a bonnet. Please people, get over this liberal Political Correctness nonsense and get a pair along with some common sense!!!

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    • lol, I saw that too. But these days a ‘rascist decal’ could be anything from a Boy Scout sticker to a banana sticker from a grocery store.


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