Jail, Drugs, Scandal – Disney!

Burned by fallen princesses, Disney is training stars to avoid scandal

While stars-gone-bad is not a new phenomenon, Disney’s sheltered teen flock trashing its squeaky-clean image faster than you can say M-I-C-K-E-Y — letting the world know they are sexual beings and unashamed to party. Recently, Disney has tried to provide more guidance to its young stars with classes focused on healthy living and social-media responsibility. Studio insiders also reveal for the first time that the network offers “life skills,” coaching actors on how to navigate the wilds of social media and pitfalls of fame.

Kelli Berglund, star of Disney’s “Lab Rats.”

In 2009, just two years after Spears’ public meltdown and Hudgens’ nude-photo scandal, the studio premiered a series of classes to help its young stars adapt to fame. New talents attend a half-day session called “Talent 101,” which provides a road map about what to expect on set and how life will change.

Kelli, totally busted with fake ID. Like, oh my gawd!

There are also monthly optional “life skills” classes …  lessons on “common-sense social media,” … avoid postings online that may be inappropriate or inconsistent with who they’re projecting to be. Projecting the right image is paramount to Disney.

I think that last bit sums it up nicely.

NY Post

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