Land Of The Free

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology is investigating Juan Carlos Montesdeoca after receiving complaints that he was cutting hair without a license … Montesdeoca was “requesting local businesses and local stylists to help out with free haircuts (unlicensed individuals) to the homeless.”

Donna Aune, the board’s executive director … said working outside a licensed salon and using an unlicensed person, is a “real risk.”

2 thoughts on “Land Of The Free

  1. Always the “right” picture to incense people to respond. Like me, lol. Actually, I think with the pollution problem we should license people who have chronic bad breathe. How about licensing ugly people if they want to appear in public? Could think of a few more, but you get the idea…I hope.

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    • Exactly, when does the gov’t stop> dictating every moment of our lives? Sort your trash, low flush toilets, every bit of food in every store, soda tax. Everyone is a felon cuz nobody can keep up.


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