6 thoughts on “For All The World Like An Urban Toreador

  1. Never has roller skates like those. Had the ones that used a skate key and tightened down on your own shoes. LOL BTW, the last few emails from WP that were sent to me for your posts showed no photo when I clicked the “Read more of this post” link. WP removed them?

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      • Wasn’t the “From the Mailbox”. There were several I just took the time to look at and liked, but a few didn’t have the photo. If you got a “Liked” notice from WordPress, then it wasn’t those.

        The thumbnail pics listed below under “Related” showed part of the photos, but clicking on yhem only loaded all the page except the complete photo. LOL

        Can probably tack the pages down from history if I still have it and you want to check.

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      • I think that’s my fault. In the early days of this site I didn’t know what I was doing and some posts have messed up formatting. I’ve learned how to fix them, if you see one let me know and I’ll clean up my mess.

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