Not Your Father’s Nat Geo

“Today, we’re not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we’re talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum.”

Avery Jackson is nine. Nine-year-olds can’t drink, smoke, vote, drive, or have sex. Well, not legally. Kids are also dumb, faddish, gullible, and seek to please authority figures (like parents, teachers – or Madonna and Ashley Judd). Trans are such a tiny minority they make us left-handed Amish black albinos feel secure. But I’ve seen video of kids like this and I have no doubt they’re sincere. But will they feel the same when they’re 60? I don’t know. Bruce Jenner changed his mind at 60 – or did he change it back? Heck, I don’t know. My feelings on certain things are pretty damn far from mainstream too. Oh well, she and Corey are pretty cute and best of luck to them.

6 thoughts on “Not Your Father’s Nat Geo

  1. I know which one you were talking about. The high suicide rates among transgender people is the prejudice problem prevalent throughout most of the world. Especially the U.S..For example, about 19 percent of transgender people report being refused medical care because of their gender-nonconforming status, and a shocking 2 percent have been violently assaulted in a doctor’s office. This was the stats a few years back and I am sure are higher today.

    We are forgetting the Political Correctness mania that is prevalent today, but started long before it became “popular”. Our educational system has been run by politics for a long time and you know there are a lot of idiots that push through education curriculums that are not healthy for many students…young and old. It seems good parents have lost their voices in what they like to have their kids learn. Consequently, kids are learning subjects to meet whatever the current educational agenda happens to be and which is not only not good for them, but do not meet parent approval.

    Having two mommies or daddies have been shown not to be a problem for kids if they are part of the family and the parents take the time to explain, by being patient and making the kids understand in the language kids understand. Love, understanding and patience with kids goes a long way in going through a transition from “normal” set of parents to the new generation of same-sex parents. Making them a true part of the family helps. Especially explaining why there is animosity towards them when the kids are in their own social environment. Kids have always been cruel towards other kids because it is mostly a learned experience from their parents who have carried the old prejudices from generations back.

    Personally I don’t care one way or the other as long as kids stay safe, loved and treated as individuals instead of something you have and take care of because it is the “norm”. One day all be comfortable in being whatever they are and society and the world will be able to take a step or two forward and be better for it.

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    • Seems like the worst of two worlds – they were in the closet but they were safe, now they’re in the open but there are plenty of ignorant, judgmental, and violent people. Time will tell.

      In a situation like that parents have to be the first line of defense. If you’re a confused and scared 10-year-old with uninvolved parents it’s going to be a rough road.

      Kids are unique, special, beautiful. They’re innocent. They need to be safe and accepted by family and peers, that’ll instill self-confidence and some boldness – have the guts to be yourself.

      I have plenty of quirks, even some plain old weirdness, but my parents were good people and they raised smart independent children. I’ve had a pretty smooth road. I just can’t imagine what these kids are going through so who the hell am I to judge? All I know is what I see, Corey and Avery look happy. When Corey got the hormone therapy gift I was in tears too. I know what that feels like, it’s unconditional love.


  2. This is just a case of adults talking children into accepting a mental illness. Just like all those cases of supposed Satanic rituals that turned out to be false, but the children believed it anyway because the adults made them think it was all real to get convictions.

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    • The one I remember is a daycare back in the ’80s. Accusations flew, 100 kids were interviewed by some biased quacks wanting their 15 minutes. As you said, adults steering kids to the result they want. There will be news like this about gay/lesbian parents some day.


      • A sincere parent that has the best interest and well-being of their child will take the time to not only research gender reassignment but talk to the proper authorities to garner information to help guide their child. Any permanent change will not be done by reputable doctors in this field.

        A child has to at a certain act to even begin the change they want and will be refused treatments if the doctors find their tests and conversations with the child do not warrant beginning transition treatment.

        Many parents will opt for early age children to dress and act in the gender they feel comfortable in mainly to relieve stress and anxiety of the child. This has been recommended by many professionals. Problems occur when others (children, adults, schools, etc) do not help by trying to let the child be what they feel best as.

        Have not read or heard of any parent actually talking their child into becoming the opposite sex when it is not the child’s wishes to be other than what they are.

        The child molestation cases that made the news, were adults in position that “interviewed” these children for hours and days. All the kids wanted to do is go home to their parents who supposedly the authorities said molested them. After extensive “interviewing” (read interrogation), the kids were willing to say anything since they were promised they could go home to their parents. Once the kids agreed to what the authorities said happened, it was all over. Arrests were made.

        Later it was shown that the kids and many others in cases like this are susceptible to what is called memory imprint after lengthy interviews. They began to believe what the authorities said happened to them. This made it so easy to start legal proceedings against the adults and to testify in court.

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      • The one I spoke of was McMartin Preschool in L.A. Their investigation consisted of quacks shoving ideas into the kids’ heads. Now gender is the hot topic de jour and liberal teachers in K-12 are teaching the same way McMartin was investigated. Sex Ed. for 5-year-olds, Billy has Two Mommies, makeup sessions for boys, whatever. Like McMartin the results are going to be messy.

        If trans have a horribly high suicide rate and gender is a ‘spectrum’ there are probably some kids drawn or pushed in a direction they wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

        I’m old so this stuff wasn’t around when I was a kid and I still ended up with feelings I didn’t choose, wouldn’t choose, and that are pretty dangerous and risky. But I can’t change my feelings, any more than Avery or Corey can.

        EDIT: McMartin Trial


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