From The Mailbox

Hey man, What’s the deal with your website? Is this a pedo blog or not? If yes, i ask you to stop posting irrelevant stuff and focus exclusively on little girls. You have good taste!


You know, the way you phrase a question influences the answer you’re going to get. :)

This is not a pedo blog. This is a cute blog. Cute dresses, cute hair, cute smiles, and cute girls.
It’s a politics blog, a landscape blog, a food and coffee blog. Book blog. Wedding blog. Kitten blog.
Above all it’s a PG-13 blog (and that’s just cuz I swear sometimes). No porn or nudity here.
I’m really glad you like the things I post (thank you for the compliment) and I hope you stick around; I know I’m a bit random, but I’m just trying to have some fun here.
That’s all.

PS: And a joke blog…
A doctor is treating a little girl with a lisp. He puts on his stethoscope and says “big breaths!”
The girl nods, “Yeth I know. And I’m only theven!”

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