Well That Sucks

THFLG is blocked by Pinterest. I just don’t know how I will go on. *Sniff*
This is either the 10th or 11th time. I’m stubborn but not that stubborn, I’m not going back.

4 thoughts on “Well That Sucks

  1. I learned my lesson the first time and made sure to keep it “disposable”. But still, seeing all the time you’ve invested thrown out with no recourse or warning? I wish they had some worthwhile competition.

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    • Seems they all just delete your account without warning. Even going through the long process of trying to recover your account, they never tell you anything. Instead of just sending you an email saying we deleted this or that because something specific, they say your account was deleted because it didn’t follow our guidelines.

      I’ve asked them to at least let me know what specifically I did wrong or why they just couldn’t deleted what was offensive to anyone who reported it instead of banning me so I can learn and not make the same mistake again. Guidelines are written in such a manner that even posting innocuous items could get you banned if reported. LOL

      I have young friends who an Instagram account, who are gymnasts or dancers, and they have lost thousands of their followers because IG suddenly deleted their account for no reason. Very few can get them back and they have to start over. Some many times. Few have had their accounts deleted multiple times. Many cried because IG deleted their account and they had several thousand followers who will be hard to get back. Glad I’m not a kid any more and really don’t care much either now. At 75 years old, “been there done that” is usually my case now. LOL

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      • Having low expectations does make make things easier! That’s why I’m on WP, in all the time I’ve been here the only challenge I’ve gotten was a DMCA take-down request from a model’s mother that was so polite I pulled the pic and sent a nice apology.

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