The GeForce Experience

Back in the day NVIDIA used to make dynamite graphics cards and bullet-proof drivers. Download, run, reboot, wow!
But now they want to be, what, a social media platform? I don’t want an experience, I want a driver. I don’t want six programs/processes running resident full time.
Too many programs are like that now, they want to run 24/7. They’re egocentric. Everything thinks I need it around the clock – just in case it has to spend a split second opening a document or a photo or something.

Knock this crap off. You’re Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, Firefox, Steam, Origin, a mouse, Quicktime … not a frickin’ pacemaker. Windows and its 700 services mostly have to run, that’s bad enough. Thread Ordering Server. Themes. Storage Service. Quality Windows Audio Video Experience. C’mon!

You are all rent seeking corporate drones. Get back to basics people.

Full Disclosure: Alcohol was present during the writing of this post. I may sleep in tomorrow. :)

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